Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Colour Scheme

Jan and I have been discussing the colour scheme we want for Waiouru.  The good news is one of us is more artistic and has a much better sense of complementary colours than the other… And it’s not me!

I sat down at the laptop and started to develop different colour schemes using Microsoft Word.  Darren (the boat painter) had given me his copy of the Craftmaster paint chart and I’d asked Jan to see whether she could develop a couple of colour schemes.

Most boats appear to be either, red, blue or green.  Should we try something different?  Jan must have been in one of her dark Goth moods as we started with Waiouru in battleship grey with black panels.  Then I added red coach lines around the black panels.

After looking at it for a few minutes Jan said to try a dark blue.  “NOT the blue that has a hint of purple in it!”  More playing around and we have a second colour scheme consisting of cream for the roof and sides with Union Blue side panels and red coachlines.  The cream is almost sand coloured and should (hopefully) be cooler in the summer. 

No…… second thoughts…… remind ourselves we don’t want blue, green or red!!!  Jan’s latest idea is the main colour will be light grey with the side panels in graphite grey (dark grey).  Coach lines to be buttery cream.  All gloss finish (of course)!

No doubt there will be more experimenting until we run out of time. Open-mouthed smile


John/Waimaru said...

Always a difficult decision, but lovely to see the result. I remember when we first saw ours with it's outside paint job but no interior work done beyond the insulation, it was the first time we turned to each other with a big grin and said "We've got a boat"

Rather glad you have discounted green. I already have visions of the first time somebody will call us either Tom or Jan when out on the cut!!

Looking forward to seeing the next step.

NB Waimaru

Tom and Jan said...

Hi John,
Definitely not Green..... Too many years in the army for that! Besides.... I don't want people to call out "Hi John!" :-)