Wednesday, 11 January 2012


It’s often said that banks and bankers never lose.  Today it was Jan’s turn to tackle two different banks.

With the first bank Jan needed to pay £130 being the outstanding balance on youngest son’s closed credit card account.  He’s left the UK two years previously and like a good citizen was attempting to pay any outstanding debits.  Jan explains this to the XXXXX Bank.  However they want even more money.  Not wanting to be unreasonable she gives them a choice.  They can either take the offered money as payment in full……. or she will just turn and walk away.  Youngest son isn’t returning to the UK and it’s not our debt!   XXXXX Bank decides to settle the debt at £130. 

Off to the second bank.  This one has charged her a £3.70 transaction fee on the previous monthly statement.  All the transactions on this account are via the internet and supposed to be free.  So Jan queries the charge.  The bank explains the charge was incurred because she transferred money into the account (this is correct… she transferred money from Oz!).  Then she transferred the money from this account to another account (which pays a higher interest rate) at the same Bank.  However, accordingly to the bank, the second transaction occurred before the first transaction had been completed.  So Jan queries how it is possible for her to transfer money not yet received to another account using their internet banking system.  They can’t explain, and agree to reimburse the £3.70.

As we walk away from the bank Jan spots a 1p coin on the pavement and quickly scoops down to collect it.  By now it would take a mortician more than a week to force the smile from her face.

She decides to buy us lunch.  Not at Subway!  They will never again see her foot through their door after their financial misdemeanour during last visit.  Subway now join Hungry Jack’s, a fast food chain in Australia, who short changed Jan a hamburger in 1992.   There’s a nice looking cafe in the shopping centre which we enter and peruse the menu.  Both of us decide to “splash out” on a hamburger and chips.  The chips are hot, crisp and delicious.  The salad is fresh and crunchy.  The buns are tasty.   The hamburger pattie is…….. well I managed to get a grip with my teeth and then by placing one paw on it I could rip a small piece off by vigorously shaking my head and growling.  Jan attempted to cut hers with a knife but it kept sliding around the plate.  Eventually she gives up and suggests we take the meat patties back to the boat where we might use them as side fenders.  After some reflecting, we agree it probably wouldn’t be possible to drill a hole in them!  Another eating establishment struck off our list! 

The next eating establishment is likely to be either the one that sells deep fried squirrel dipped in eleven secret herbs and spices, or that famous infamous Scottish restaurant.


Kev & Donna said...

Tom- You are spoilt by Jan's cooking!

As for the Bank's, do they owe US circa £100billion?

Tom and Jan said...

sssssshh.... she might hear you!

Sue said...

In the UK you can refuse to pay for a meal that is poor as long as you are prepared to leave your name and address. You have an address at the moment in Aldermaston?

I have eaten at two places where I have done that, one of them was in a very posh place in Gas Street Basin in Birmingham.

Eating just a bit of the meal, I told the waiter I was not paying for the meal and let him take it away. I offered my name and address and told him that we would finish our bottle of wine before leaving. We then got up and left, but not before the chef visited the table with apologies.

Banks are an institution to themselves. Their own rules when they can get away with it. Trouble is most people let them get away with it. Glad you didn't.

Won't be too long till we are up beside you two, will be nice to meet and share a beer or two. :)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Sue, We are looking forward to meeting the four of you (and drinking your beer..... well maybe not if it's English :-)

I accidentally hit the delete rather than the publish button when attempting to post your comment. No electricity in the boat this morning and was attempting all of this on the small smartphone screen with tired old eyes. Please resend and I'll post it!

Gareth said...

LOL - don't worry about that!

I was just asking if you could sort our finances out. They've been in a mess ever since we bought a boat...

Tom and Jan said...

Unfortunately our recent financial history shows we are NOT the best people to look after financial arrangements :-)