Sunday, 11 December 2011

Through the woods

It was a crisp but clear morning so I took the opportunity to go for another walk.  However I wanted to check on my two hour wonder cratch cover before departing.

Not your usual cratch cover but it will hopefully keep out most of the rain whilst Waiouru is made watertight.  Back to Ufton and on with my boots.

I headed across the fields using the public footpath.  I’m still trying to get used to the idea that it is permissible to walk across a farmer’s land!  The blue pipe in the foreground to the immediate left of the fence post caught my attention.  After examining it I came to the conclusion is is some type of monitoring borehole.

There are so many well used trails it would be hard to become geographically embarrassed. Smile

Now the majority of the leaves have fallen it much easier to see the terrain.  I saw a pheasant and was able to follow him for about 500 yards as he ran along in front of me.  Although he paused on a number of occasions he never actually allowed me to get within “dinner” distance!

The footpath terminated on a narrow country lane and around the next corner I came upon this attractive house.

I’m still fascinated by these types of building which don’t appear to have a straight line or right-angle in them.

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