Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Storage Locker Fabricated

The bow storage locker has now been fabricated.

As the base of the locker is below the waterline you can see a sump (right arrow) where the bilge pump will go.  The middle arrow points to the drainage opening between the foredeck and the base of the locker.  Any water that gets onto the foredeck will drain through the opening and into the sump.

There is a “U” channel (left arrow) around the top lip of the locker.  This will collect and water that falls onto the locker lid.  As the lid is above the waterline this water is discharged overboard via a drainage hole in the bottom left corner of the photo.

And how is Dennis going………

Life’s so bright…. Gotta wear shades! Smile


Peter and Margaret said...

Is your front bilge pump going to be rigged to automatically start when required? Mark at NB Willawaw markets a very natty electronic variation on a pump float switch, which he says is far more reliable than the mechanical type. See: which, as you follow his blog, you will probably already be aware of.


Tom and Jan said...

I've considered an automatic pump activation switch however it's not part of the current build contract.
Hopefully there won't be any water in the sump once the cratch cover is fitted.
However, if that proves to be an invalid assumption then I'll revisit the bilge pump setup.