Saturday, 31 December 2011

Spoilt at Christmas

Our boys may be on the far side of the world but they still managed to spoil us at Christmas. 

Two separate packages arrived at the boatyard.  One son had obviously thought of our essential needs and purchased a hamper of “luxuries” for us to consume over the festive season.

Jan has been having fun sampling the various cheeses.  Meanwhile I wanted a “tipple” from the cider bottle.  There is plenty left!

The other son focussed on our need to communicate and amuse ourselves within the confines of a narrowboat.

Jan has taken to the iPad2 like a duck to water.  After installing Skype she was making calls back to Australia.  She has also started using it for web browsing and as an e-Reader.

As far as we are concerned the value of any gift is secondary to the thought behind it.  So we count ourselves particularly fortunate to have such thoughtful sons.


Bruce in Sanity said...

Wot no Vegemite?


Have a great New Year!


Tom and Jan said...

Wrong nationality Bruce!
We're pavlova people :-)