Sunday, 25 December 2011

Screwfix and B&Q

I’ve made my first visit to Screwfix.  It’s something I have been eagerly anticipating after looking at their website.  I envisaged an experience similar to my trips to Homebase and B&Q.  I should mention for any Australian or New Zealand readers these business are similar to Bunnings, Mitre 10 or Placemakers.  I wanted to spend time walking the isles, sniffing the atmosphere and examining the goods on display.

Well my first problem was finding Screwfix.  After exiting the public transport I turned on my gps into which I’d carefully inserted Screwfix as a destination.  Whilst trying to navigate to the second screen the gps died…… Flat batteries!  <grrrrr…. my fault!>

Using my own inbuilt sense of direction I started walking and eventually came upon a medium size industrial style building with a small Screwfix sign.  I was slightly concerned about the size of the premises.  It simply didn’t look big enough!

My next shock was walking through the entrance.  No checkout counters and no isles to browse.  Instead there was a row of small booths containing a catalogue, pen and order form.  The practice is you select the items you want from the catalogue, write the stock number on the order form with the supplied pen and then take your order to the counter.  The order is entered into the computer and you pay the bill.  You then take the invoice and receipt to another counter and wait for your purchases to be collected by a staff member and delivered to the counter.

I guess it cuts down on shoplifting Smile!  However I felt deprived of my anticipated pleasure in browsing the isles.  I’m also somewhat disconcerted by not being able to “handle the merchandise” before deciding to purchase! 

By again following my sense of direction I found the canal and B&Q.  This was more the “fix” I’d been looking for.  Walking the isles; examining washing hoists, telescopic poles, bathroom fittings and electrical components.  So soothing………… <sigh>.  I now have a couple of ideas which may yet germinate into something useful.


Anonymous said...

And they are both owned by the same company I am told.

Tom and Jan said...

Well I didn't know that.

However one of the locals has now informed me the Reading B&Q and Screwfix are located in the same building.