Friday, 16 December 2011

Progress on the Cratch Diesel Tank

Luck Dennis is height challenged.  It would be impossible for me to fit into the diesel tank!

The sidewall is only tacked in place to align it because Dennis needs to blank off the drainage channel. By blanking off the channel it will create a small linear sump at the low end of the diesel tank.

You can get more of an idea of the design from inside the boat.

The top left arrow is pointing to the diesel tank breather pipe outlet.  The bottom left arrow points to the diesel outlet point.  It’s about one inch above the base of the tank.  To the right is the diesel drainage point which is located in the base of the drainage channel.  This will have a stopcock and an outlet hose.  This will enable us to drain off any sediment or water from the base of the tank.

At the bottom of the photo is the water tank outlet point.

OK…… You’re probably asking why the outlet point is halfway up the tank?  It’s been placed here to make it easier to connect to the outlet point from inside the boat.  On the other side of the outlet point the pipe turns 90 degrees and terminates about one inch above the base of the tank.

And finally, you can see the diesel tank breather pipe running up the channel I created by scraping the spray foam insulation off the bulkhead.  Both breather pipes will be covered with foam insulation when Waiouru is resprayed.

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