Friday, 9 December 2011

Out with the Timber Capping

There was a knock on the back of Ufton this afternoon announcing visitors.  I opened the rear doors to see James, Doug and Oscar from nb Chance.  We last saw them back in June when we were in the early stages of attempting to recover Waiouru.  They were passing through the general area and decided to call in and say hello.  It was good to see more friendly faces!

In the morning I set myself the task of removing all the timber capping fixed to the top of the baseplate cross members of Waiouru.  They had to go because the timber wasn’t tantalised and would rot.  The timber had been screwed and semi-glued into place.  Despite this the task wasn’t that difficult and I completed it in three hours.

The new timber capping will only be 1 inch thick compared with the original 2 inch.  This will give us an extra inch of headroom inside Waiouru; and of course the new timber will be tantalised.

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