Friday, 30 December 2011

Newbury Again

The day was spent in Newbury.  First it was a visit to B&Q where I had intended to purchase some flexible conduit to use in Waiouru.  I want three separate runs for the external mobile phone aerial, the TV dome and the solar panels.  There are no firm plans for the dome and panels but I thought it would be prudent to install the conduit and '”draw cables” before the spray insulation was reapplied and the ceiling installed.  Well they had no conduit in stock! Crying face

Moving along; I took Jan around to look at bathroom taps.  No decisions were made there either!  We then walked the towpath into the town centre.  I keep forgetting to take photo’s so today I deliberately took this one of the town from the towpath using the mobile phone.  I think I’ll have to pin a photo reminder note on my shirt.

I just happened to notice the buildings sandwiched together with the clock tower in the background

Our first stop was WH Smith so Jan could purchase her weekly magazines and then we went to the Thursday farmers market.  Jan examined all the butcher’s wares before eventually deciding on the Gammon roast (again!).  She has worked out how to make it last four meals and as it’s something we’ve not seen (or eaten) prior to arriving in the UK we haven’t become tired of the novelty.

Next we went to the mall where I tried on work boots.  I’m looking for a pair to wear when working on Waiouru.  I don’t want to use my good tramping boots as they will quickly get knocked about.  Unfortunately I didn’t find any I liked so we moved to Jan’s favourite shop where I managed to procure four pairs of reading glasses at 99p each.  Jan did question whether pink frames were really me?  Hell; I’ll wear that pair on the boat when there are only the two of us.  I lose them fast enough for it to not matter!

The mem sahib then decided to treat us to lunch.  Cheapest spot is Subway where she has previously worked out the best (cheapest) option.  I parked myself at a vacant table whilst she scurried off to do the purchasing.  Five minutes later she was back with the lunch but scowling and grumbling.  Now she has bought the same order on two previous occasions so she knows the exact price (£8.46).  This time the till operator told her £15. “I don’t think so!” says my girl.  The operator then said “£10!”  So my girl asks “Have the prices gone up?”  The till operator ignores her so she pays up.  Hence the grumbling.  Anyway, I do things the old fashioned way and tote up the cost using my pen and the back of the receipt…. £8.46.   More scowling and grumbling.  Probably not helped by me suggesting she should have asked the operator “Are we playing pick a number?”  Subway Newbury just lost two customers!  I suspect in future we will either be eating deep fried rat dipped in 11 secret herbs and spices; or dining in one of those Scottish restaurant!

To cheer up mem sahib I agreed to purchase her a mink robe.  Of course no one else will see her wearing it as she has informed me she won’t wear much underneath it.  A good post Christmas bargain, discounted down to £12. 

The final stop was Sainsbury’s where we filled her new shopping trolley (an internet bargain at £14.99) with fruit and veg before walking to the railways station.  Obviously these days I’m more of a SNAG (sensitive new age guy) as I towed her new pink and black striped trolley all the way to the station.  We missed the train by three minutes so spent 57 minutes sitting on a steel plate in the wind waiting for the next service.

About sums up the day really!

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