Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A New Top

You may recall in an earlier post how a storm had blown the inflatable paint shed off the boat being repainted and the shed had suffered considerable damage as a result.  Today the yard staff removed the collapsed shed off the boat and examined it.  They were able to salvage one of the three sections.  Then, by taking the fourth section which had been covering the stern of Waiouru; they had enough length to inflate the shed back over the boat.  It will be a little tight but they should be able to continue with the painting of the boat under cover.

Of course this left Waiouru without any cover over the rear half.  I’d already become concerned about water entering Waiouru through the porthole openings so I decided to construct my own shelter from the “odds and ends” lying around the boatyard.

Using three old boat poles and some lashings I made a shears legs.  Then I used a boat plank as a ridge pole.  This was all lashed to the boat.

I needed the shears legs to be higher than the rear of the boat to give some head room.  I also took the opportunity to examine the smaller of the recessed red panels.  It’s been the first time I’ve been able to get a good look at them since discovering a sheet of steel had been used to cover the rear portholes.  As I anticipated; it appears the panels have been glued rather than welded into the recess.  I will need to discuss what we can do about the situation with Andy.  It might be harder to remove the panels than weld them in place and cut new porthole openings.

I’ve now pulled the tarp over Waiouru and secured it with whatever heavy objects I can find.

This will provide a sheltered area for both Dennis and I when working in the cockpit and will also assist in drying out the boat.  Of course it will all have to come off in the New Year for the grit blasting.


RayT said...

I have been following your blog for some time now, it will be lovely to see Waiouru restored to her glory.

Tom and Jan said...

we are hoping for a completion date towards the end of March. so things will hopefully get more interesting in the new year!