Monday, 19 December 2011

An Idea

There was 15-20mm of ice on the towpath puddles this morning making it treacherous underfoot until midday when it started to rain.

The boys in the boatyard had intended to black two of the boats today in anticipation of them going back into the water on Wednesday.  The rain has stopped that idea!

Dennis has completed the last two small welding jobs in the cratch this morning.  It took all of an hour so I asked him to weld the pipe socket I’d purchased from the chandlery on the roof of Waiouru. 

The socket is located about 150mm from the end of the roof on the starboard side and set back far enough from the front of the cabin so it won’t foul the cratch cover.  You’ll note it’s not welded around the entire base.  The gap has been deliberately left to allow any water to drain.

A length of pipe screws into the top

I didn’t want to weld the length of pipe directly to the roof as we will have to remove it for low bridges, etc.

You’ve probably guessed what it for.  It is the mounting bracket for the telescopic TV aerial pole.  The telescopic aluminium pole will fit inside the pipe.   It’s not an original idea.  Just a variation on another setup I’ve seen since arriving in the UK.

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