Monday, 26 December 2011

First Geo-cache

A very mild day encouraged us to get out and enjoy some fresh air.  Obviously we weren’t the only people with that idea as the towpath and woods were full of families out enjoying the day.

When I first purchased the Garmin Oregon gps I noticed the geocache icon and wondered what it was.  A quick search on Google resolved that issue but I never made any serious attempt to find a geocache in Australia as they seemed few and far between.  Last night I went back to the geocaching website and to my surprise discovered there were numerous caches in our area.  After transferring some to the Garmin Jan and I set off to see if we could actually find a cache.

Our first effort was at the local park and I’d specifically selected it because I (correctly) thought it would be reasonably easy to find.

Our very first geocache

This one was nice and big.  Unfortunately water had been able to enter it and as a consequence the log book was “soggy”.  However I was able to enter our details and return it.  I’ll mention to problem of the water on the website. 

The second geocache was down by the salmon race. 

This was a micro geocache.  I’d never seen a micro geocache but assumed we would be looking for something very small.  I eventually found it, discovering it was about the same size as a 35mm film container (for those of you old enough to remember 35mm film).  Unfortunately I didn’t know how to open it and therefore left it rather than cause any damage. 

Our third geocache was much closer to the boat and adjacent to the towpath.  The size of the geocache wasn’t mentioned on the website but after some searching I eventually found this “easy” geocache.  The damned thing was the shape of a small rock!  Jan was able to pry the plastic cap off the bottom which enabled me to enter our details onto the tiny piece of paper inside. 

Well satisfied we returned to Ufton for lunch.  There are two further geocaches located within easy walking distance and I have the feeling we will be doing more of this geocaching!

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