Thursday, 22 December 2011

Down and Dirty

A very productive day!  The weather was mild and dry which enabled the boatyard staff to get some blacking onto the two boats scheduled to go back into the water tomorrow.  There was a suggestion of rain in the air so I decided to lend them a hand.  It was also an opportunity for me to see how it was done.

Dennis arrived with all the steel for the blackwater tank and we promptly transferred it all into the back cabin.  He has already tacked and plumbed the sides.  The rinse and suction pipes have also been fabricated.

Looking down on three walls for the blackwater tank viewed from the cockpit

Another view of the tank walls from inside the boat.

I made a temporary cover for the engine hole along with a temporary cover for the back doors and hatch in a further effort to ensure the interior dries out.  Finally I made the bracket for the external mobile phone aerial using some left over steel.

Meanwhile Jan waited for Mr Tesco to deliver our Christmas supplies.  Another very big order!  I think we must now have about 30 litres of milk and 25kg of flour.  The freezer is already full of meat and fish so we shouldn’t run short of food during the next fortnight.

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