Monday, 19 December 2011

Cratch Steelwork Complete

Dennis has completed all the steelwork in the cratch.  It’s been a significant project due to all the additional work needed to rectify the unauthorised modifications made by our first builder.  It was obviously much easier and quicker to “chop out” the original structure with a gas torch and replace it with a plain foredeck.  As a result Dennis has needed to work carefully to ensure all the original steelwork is correctly reinstated.  It’s pleasing to see the area is now back to the condition it was when first constructed by Tyler-Wilson.

I now have the tasking of cleaning the area and applying primer.

The two lengths of one inch box steel on top of the diesel tank are there to provide some rigidity and secure the timber lid/seat. You will note the front box section runs the full length of the tank and acts as a barrier to any water that may fall on the lid.  The second box section has a gap at the bulkhead end (lower red arrow) allowing any water to escape to the side of the boat.  There is a small hole (top arrow) through the hull where the water will discharge overboard.  Our plan is to have a cratch cover so (hopefully) the entire area will always be dry. 

You may also have noticed the large diameter filler pipe running from the underside of the gunwale to the top of the tank.  I suggested to Dennis he could use a much smaller diameter pipe, however he preferred to use the larger pipe as it made it easier to weld the “blind side” of the joint.  Dennis also mentioned the pipe will possibly hold an additional ½ gallon of diesel.

The inlet on the gunwale has also been completed

Next week Dennis starts on the blackwater tank.  However, before he can start I need to remove the spray foam insulation from the lower portion of the end bulkhead between the back cabin and the engine compartment.  I also need to clean the area to give Dennis a good “run at the task”.

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