Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Cratch Progress

Dennis has almost completed the access panel to the bow thruster locker.  The holes for the countersunk retaining screws need to be drilled and the nuts welded on the inside of the hatch.  However it’s essentially complete.  The line of the unauthorised raised deck can now be clearly seen.  The original deck level can also be seen immediately below the bottom of the access panel.

In the bottom left corner of the bow thruster bulkhead is the new water inlet connection.  This will be link to the outlet connection on the bow water tank giving us a combined water storage capacity of 175 gallons.

The new (2nd) water tank under the foredeck will not be as high as the bow tank which means there would be an air lock as the outlet for the second tank will be close to the bottom of the tank.  In order to overcome this Dennis is installing a breather pipe which is going to run from the top of the 2nd tank up the inside of the front bulkhead.

You can see the bottom of the breather pipe in the following photo.  My job was to remove the spray foam to provide room for the pipe which will eventually be hidden behind the timber lining.

It will then terminate with a one-way valve just under the roof,

At this stage the pipe is only temporarily in place whilst everything is measured to ensure it fits.  Andy and Dennis are going to install a similar pipe on the opposite side of the boat as a breather pipe for the diesel tank in the forward left locker.

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