Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bow Thruster Locker

Andy and Dennis came up with a modification to the bow thruster locker which will improve access.

But first; Carol on nb Rock ’n’ Roll has asked on her blog whether readers can see more than one post.  I’ve looked and can only see her latest post.  Unfortunately her blog won’t accept my comment.

Carol, I can see all your recent posts if I navigate to your blog via the link on my blog list.  However I only see your latest post if I navigate to your blog via Google Reader.  Neither option allows me to leave a comment on your blog………  I’m using Windoze 7 but I don’t think the operating system is the problem.  Hope this assists!

Back to the bow thruster locker.

The existing bow thruster locker was quite deep and the hatch is not all that wide making it quite restrictive if you attempted to reach the bottom of the locker.  Particularly if you’re in my physical condition!  What we need is a grandson.

Dennis has cut the front out of the locker almost down to the new deck level.  He will weld some flat steel strips inside the locker which will allow the removed section of panel to be fitted as an access panel.  This will make it easier to work on the bow thruster or get into the weed hatch should something seriously foul the impeller.

The location of the weed hatch and bow thruster have been marked out by Dennis ready to be cut out.

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