Saturday, 17 December 2011

Almost done!

Woke this morning to frost on the windows and a grey old day, then it started to rain!  However by 10.00am the sun was out and we had a blue sky. Smile

Today was our last chance to see the inside of the cratch diesel tank.

Top photo from the cabin bulkhead end

The hole for the diesel inlet has been created in the gunwale [B]. The plate [A] will be welded to the underside of the gunwale filler point to create a recess.  Dennis has also welded a piece of “L” section across the top of the tank to provide some rigidity to the side of the tank.

You can get a clearer idea of the linear sump and drainage point in the following photo

The tank is full of debris from the welding and grinding. I’ve subsequently removed all of it with the industrial vacuum cleaner.  The top and filler point should be completed tomorrow.

Meanwhile Father Christmas came and Jan finally has some winter footwear.  We’ve been looking for something suitable during the last three months and today we came across these yesterday whilst in a Newbury department store.

Jan and I have different shopping techniques.  Jan will usually look at the price before having a good look at the suitability and practicality of the item.  Whereas I do the reverse.  I found the boots and thought they were ideal for the canal environment.  Then I checked the price….. £149.99.  I didn’t like it but; given the quality of the product; that was about what I had expected, .  After giving them to Jan to try on she checked the price and found the discount label………£39.99  They have a good tread and I like the rubberised waterproof lower half.  The boots are also lined with Thinsulate.  Hopefully Jan now won’t suffer from cold and wet feet!

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