Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Abject Failure

Our second day of geocaching and we didn’t find either cache.  The first clue was “the cattle crossing”.  Well we found the crossing without much difficulty, but could we find the geocache……. The hell we could!  I practically grovelled around in the mud underneath it whilst Jan picked over every stone and blade of grass. 

Who is this elderly man wearing a red jacket and reading a gps?

The second location was a footbridge across a small creek and the clue was “mid span don’t drop it!”  I lay on my stomach in the middle of the bridge and felt everywhere.  I even nervously poked my fingers into dark wet crevasses and the ends of hollow pipes before remembering there are no deadly Funnelweb or Redback spiders in the UK.  Another location we are going to need to search again a some future date.

On the way back to Ufton Jan noticed this scene.

Glass milk bottles….. and delivered to the door!  When was the last time we saw milk in a bottle… let alone delivered?  It would have been 1979 when living in Trentham, NZ.  Well that turned the clock back for us!


admach said...

Geocaching is fun and sometimes challenging. Don't give up. New Zealand is festooned with geocaches, it really took off here. Have fun.

Tom and Jan said...

We're not really into "giving up" on anything! The geocaches are there, waiting to be found..... when the rain stops :-)