Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Work on the Foredeck Modifications Started

Dennis started on the foredeck this morning and he appears to be well setup as a mobile welding provider.

I like the tidy interior of his van.  My experience has been a tidy work area is an indicator for a high quality end product.

That’s a rather large arc welder!

I was rather surprised when Dennis informed me he intended to remove the existing welds with a special attachment he had.  I had assumed he would gas cut out the deck and grind back the rough edges. 

He got straight into the task and the sparks were soon flying

I decided not to peer over the gunwale in case I received a face full of hot sparks.

An hour later and the welds had been removed.

The deck is now free.  Dennis is going to trim it and weld the same piece 12” lower down.


Tony Q-J said...

Perhaps this section should be entitled "Work on the Foredeck restoration Started" :)

I truly admire your spirit. My wife and I would have been terribly downhearted to see the state the boat was in when you recovered it. How are you getting on with getting your money back?


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Tony,

The "restoration" idea is quite good; although we are continuing to find illegal modifications which require mitigation.

After our most recent discussion with the police it's highly unlikely we will ever get any money back from Ben Harp.

On a more positive note - at least most of our new canvas is clean :-)