Saturday, 26 November 2011

Under the Foredeck

I wrote in yesterday’s post how; without our consent; Ben Harp had raised the foredeck and removed the lockers. 

Today I worked on the area under the deck.  After the unauthorised modification the area looked like this.

We had specified ‘Kingspan’ insulated panels under the floor and as you can see some of them have been used to line the area under the foredeck.  They had been glued in place and it took quite some effort to remove all the foam insulation.  I needed to remove it to allow Dennis access for his welding of the new deck level and lockers.

Eventually I had the area back looking like this

Removing all the Kingspan revealed the markings of original deck level.  This is where the deck will be reinstated.  The top of the photo below is the current level of the deck and the horizontal weld is the original deck level.

Underneath (that is; below the weld line) will go a second, stainless steel, potable water tank.  I need to measure the area and calculate the storage capacity.  Hopefully the combined capacity of both tanks will be approximately 120 gallons.

Tomorrow I’ll make a start on removing the timber floor.

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Hope you get the same satisfaction from at bit of "Hands on" as I have.