Thursday, 17 November 2011

Boat Ideas

Three days ago I mentioned a couple of good ideas I had seen on nb Meand’er which is moored ahead of us.  I only saw this one by chance when Kevin decided to fill a bucket with hot water whilst I was passing on the towpath.

Behind this hinged circular chrome hatch on the back of the boat is a retractable hose connected to the calorifier.  Great for washing footwear, obtaining a bucket of hot water or cleaning mud off the dog!

I also mentioned Kevin’s bracket on the back of Meand’er.

It was originally used to carry their bikes but he now uses it to carry the anchor and go-kart fenders.  A circular clothesline can also be fitted to the top.

I’ve now asked Andy to incorporate both initiatives into Waiouru.

Today I walked down the towpath to Theale.  A round trip of just over 10 miles.  Jan had given me a Sainsbury’s shopping list and I also wanted to window shop in the the nearby Homebase.  At the top of Jan’s shopping list was “purchase a 3 Mobile top-up”.  I remember to buy the top-up right until I reached to check-out counter and then promptly forgot.  Facing another long walk tomorrow Jan took pity on me and did some online research before informing me the local canal cafe beside the boatyard advertises it sells mobile top-ups.  Hope she’s right otherwise I’ll have another long walk. Smile

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