Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tesco Boat Delivery

Jan has completed an internet food order with Tesco.  As a first-time user she received a discount of £15.  Making up the online order seemed to take her hours as she trolled backwards and forwards looking for the cheapest most cost effective options.  Eventually the order was complete and despatched. We waited to see if it would be accepted.

A confirmatory email was duly received and this morning a text message arrived informing us the delivery would be between 2:15 and 3:15.  The delivery van arrived at 2:45 outside the boatyard office where I was patiently waiting.  Most of the items were dry, canned, or long-life.  The plan is to shop for meat and fresh fruit & veg later this week.  The delivery driver make the observation he had never seen such a large order from a first-time buyer!  I think we now have sufficient quantities of the various items to last at least a month.

It then took me approximately six return trips to the boat to get everything on board where Jan was unpacking and stowing.  After filling the water tank and the Tesco delivery Ufton seems to be lower in the water and more stable.

An hour later we had a shower, so everything worked out well.

I hadn’t realised how mundane my life had become until I read that back in Australia our eldest son now has a python living in the wall.  Apparently it’s 9ft long so only the cat is worried! Smile

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