Friday, 25 November 2011

Sorting out the Foredeck

Dennis, the steel fabricator, was at the boatyard today and I took the opportunity to discuss the scope of the welding required to restore the foredeck.  The actual deck needs to be lowered and the diesel and storage lockers rebuilt.

This is how the foredeck was designed and fabricated by Wilson-Tyler.  The fuel tank for the diesel stove is on the port side and the storage locker to starboard.

And this is the foredeck after Ben Harp modified it without our permission.

The lockers have gone and the deck has been raised.

The area under the deck has been insulated with some of our underfloor Kingspan insulation panels stuck to the hull with spray foam.  I assume this was done to disguise the residue of the original steelwork.

I have agreed with Dennis that I will scrap off and remove all the spray foam and Kingspan insulation by Monday and he will then make a start on the restoration.  The insulation needs to be removed otherwise the heat from the electric welding is going to create some serious fumes in a confined space.

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