Thursday, 10 November 2011

Local Transport

Yesterday we received a lovely email from Kevin and Donna commenting on the content of the blog.  It’s always interesting to receive feedback from readers. 

Meanwhile, I’ve been looking at local transport options.  There are bus and train services to either Newbury or Reading.  Jan isn’t particularly interested in going back to Reading as she can’t think of anything she needs.  You can see why I just love my “low maintenance girl”.  I’ve looked at Google Earth and there is a large Sainsburys and retail park on the outskirts of Reading.  It’s just over 5 miles away via the towpath.  Obviously another walk!  Newbury looks more of a train journey. 

The next thing to do was checkout the physical locations of the stops.  We did this earlier on our morning walk.  The bus route is No104 and the railway station is only 300 metres from the boat.

I also need to do something about obtaining a seniors bus pass for myself.  The young thing I married will have to wait until next year before she is eligible! Smile

On the way back we stopped to look at the cafe and shop operated by the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust.  We didn’t go in and look around, saving it for another day.

Julie, on nb Greyfisher had invited us onboard for morning tea and it was a great opportunity to ask many questions about living afloat.  Julie also showed us around Greyfisher which was very interesting as it was the first time we have seen the interior of a “liveaboard” boat The longer we talked - the more questions popped into my mind. 

nb Greyfisher…….. Another Reading Marine built boat

Eventually we dragged ourselves away well after lunchtime hoping Julie didn’t mind a delayed lunch.  Back onboard Ufton we discussed the information we had gleaned from our conversation with Julie.  Back to discussing the merits of pump-out vs cassette and Bubble stove vs Lockgate Refleks.  Inner sprung mattresses vs memory foam!  Oh dear……. we need to stick to our decisions rather than chase the end of the rainbow.


Julia & Mark said...

If you haven't discovered it yet the
Direct Gov website,
is brilliant for finding local transport services. We're continuous cruisers & I use it all the time.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Julia

Thanks for the link. I have been using this one Traveline