Thursday, 3 November 2011

Last Cruise on Kelly-Louise

With sad hearts we had our last cruise on Kelly-Louise.  A very short trip down the Swanley Marina to do a pump out. 

As we headed off the mooring I was able to catch “she who doesn’t like her photo taken”!  Once we were underway a smile came to her face.

Just off the mooring and underway at tick-over rate. We’re not in a hurry Smile

I know….. emptying the tank is a sh*ty dirty job but someone has to do it.  During the next five years there are going to be many occasions it will need to be done so I’d better learn how to do it now.  The staff at Swanley Marina were very good and offered to complete the task.  But I volunteered!

Yes… I have to remember to add some water and rock the boat to give the tank a good rinse.  This will require a hose.

I’ve already asked Andy (our boat builder) if Waiouru will have a separate “rinse” inlet and he confirmed she will. Despite this; I don’t believe I’ll be allowing our water hose to come in physical contact with the inlet.  It could just leave a bad taste in our mouths. Winking smile

I’m still practicing my locking technique and the by wash going back to the mooring was rather fierce.

Left..left…left!  Get the darn bow across.

Too far….. Right..right right!

Now I can relax

Meanwhile…… a woman’s work is never done!

Yes I know……. the photo is out of sequence.  It was taken on the way down!

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