Tuesday, 8 November 2011


After two days we appear to have found a home on Ufton for all our possessions we brought with us from Kelly-Louise.  It’s somewhat frightening to think we also have a few boxes in storage.  However Ufton is a hire boat and already has an inventory for cruising so there is some duplication.  It also has built-in saloon furniture whereas we will have free standing chairs.
I suspect Andy has accommodated us on Ufton because it has a number of features similar to those we have specified on Waiouru.  It has an integral water tank in the bow and we would be happy to have the same setup.
The shower is 900x700 and lined in waterproof laminated wallboard.  This is what we want the entire bathroom lined in.  However I think we should consider a lighter colour as the bathroom on Ufton can be rather dark and gloomy.
The toilet is in its own narrow cubicle with little manoeuvre room.  But then the maximum space required is sitting room.  The total length of the bathroom is 5’6”.  The same as Waiouru!
I’m impressed with the flush mounted shore-power plug in the cockpit.  It resolves a potential problem where I imagined a protruding surface mounted bulkhead plug would be required.  We will be able to do something very similar on Waiouru.
The other revelation is how little room is required for electrics in the back cabin.  I envisaged a 2ft wide full height locker but very little room is used on Ufton.  The bulk of the rear cabinets is utilised for storage.  Another bonus!
I think we can improve on the layout of the galley.
The “U” shaped galley on Ufton has a “dead” corner created by the microwave, wall oven and fridge. Effectively this obscures 2ft of potential bench workspace.  We will stick with the “thru” galley.
So it’s been an interesting day!


John (Waimaru) said...

Tom. One of us may suffer from Dyslexia. You have referred to Ifton on a number of ocassions, then add a photo showing in bold relief that you are actually on Ufton. Regardless of that, hope you get settled in quickly. Is this likely to be your last move before Waiouru is ready as I am not sure what the projected date is for completion now?


Tom and Jan said...


It's me...... Old, grey, tired and confused :-) Obviously I don't know where I am! I'll have to ask Jan to write a note with my address so the police can send me home when I'm found wandering.

John/Waimaru said...


So why should you be any different from the rest of us. My latest episode is to lift a deck board, step over it, and forget it wasn't there on the way back. Very painful.