Tuesday, 1 November 2011

English Wildlife

After over indulging in some delicious home cooking I forced myself out for a walk leaving Jan to bake some tangy lemon biscuits.  First I wandered some of the Cheshire walking paths in the countryside to the west of the mooring and then I strolled along the towpath to Wrenbury and back.  All the exercise made me so darn hungry I gave the lemon biscuits a thrashing.  Now I think I’ve actually put on weight!

At least a walk through the fields at this time of year provides an opportunity to see the local wildlife.  Squirrels, rabbits, a pheasant, large swan and English brown bear.

Unfortunately I didn’t take the DSLR with the telephone lens.  The pheasant certainly realised this and scurried ahead of me through the crop.  Eventually I was able to trap it in the corner of a field and take a photo before it flew off low and fast.  You can see it right at the tip of the red arrow in this photo.

What do you mean… you cant see it!   It’s right there in the corner below the arrow.

At least it was easier to photograph the swan.  Obviously it’s been overfed.

What really surprised me was the English brown bear.  I though they were extinct, however this one appeared to be very friendly.

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