Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Down in the Bilge

Well I’ve now been working in the bilge for the last few days and it’s now clean.  I’ve removed four large plastic rubbish bags of rubbish, swept it four times, and now vacuumed it.

Removing the floor and temporary Houdini covers has allowed air to circulated drying out the baseplate.  This is turn has loosened more sawdust.  I estimate the area will be completely clean in a couple of days.

By the time the timber caps have been removed from the steel cross beams there will be very little of Ben Harp’s work left in the boat.


Nb Caxton said...

No Ben Harp's work left is going to be a relief!!
Talking of which, any news on whether he is in Court/prison yet?

Tom and Jan said...

Yes Lesley, I'm very pleased there's almost nothing remaining of Ben's efforts in Waiouru. Being present during the rebuild also has obvious advantages for all involved!

Robbo said...

If your going to put the timber back on the cross beams, think about putting them length ways, this way you'll get more airflow in the bilge unless your underfloor insulation is higher than the timber of course.

Tom and Jan said...

Now that is a very logical suggestion so one wonders why Mr Harp didn't do it!

Unfortunately the new timber will only be 1" thick which is the same thickness as the "Kingspan" insulated panels. The advantage of using 1" timber caps is it will give us an extra 1" of interior headroom.