Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Boat Discussions

Burp……burp……..  Sorry about that! Jan made a delicious apple sponge with the last of the apples given to us by Phil and Anne when we left Kelly-Louise.  I managed to wolf mine down very quickly and shortly thereafter helped Jan finish her portion when she announced she was full. 
Can’t let good food go to waste.  Time for another walk! Smile
We have now had discussions with Darren (painter) and Richard (joiner).  Both are keen to commence rebuilding Waiouru.  Darren was interested to know the colours we would be choosing for Waiouru.  As I have absolutely no sense of colour I’m leaving all of that to Jan.  However I’m more than happy to discuss the practicalities of the layout of the compartments and design of the built-in furniture with Richard.  The one area I know to avoid is the layout of the galley.  I don’t go anywhere near that area!  Happy to remain chief tester!
The erbarspasher Aberspker ebharspacher  German diesel central heater on Ufton has decided to work to rule.  Every 20 minutes it sits down on the job and refuses to work.  The end result is a luke warm shower and no central heating. If Ufton were our boat I’d probably fiddle with it to see if I could find out what’s wrong.  However, not wanting to be responsible for seriously damaging the unit, I decided to report the problem to Andy.
After carefully checking everything with his multimeter he picked up a heavy spanner and gave the Eberspacher (see… I can spell it correctly) a couple of stiff whacks.  He then declared he could hear a whine from the unit.  Actually I wasn’t surprised; I’d probably be whining if he hit me with the spanner!  After listening for a few minutes Andy informed me the situation with the unit was probably going to be terminal and I should brace myself to receive a replacement.  Apparently the Eberspacher is more than five years old and; accordingly to Andy; the defective component has probably reached the end of it’s life.  So the unit will be rebuilt.  In the meantime we will run the engine in the evening to heat water.
If necessary we can also huddle together in bed and share bodily warmth…….. I’m rather looking forward to that!  And just to make sure, I’ve stripped the winter 13.5 Tog duvet off the bed and replaced it with the summer 3.5 Tog.  Wonder how long it will take her to wake up to that trick!


Bruce in Sanity said...

LOL! Reminds me off the old artificer's advice; when in doubt, hit it with a hammer.

And if that doesn't work… fetch a bigger hammer!

As for the Eberspach, I've only one thing to say; Hurricane!



Tom and Jan said...


We are definitely having a Hurricane.