Tuesday, 22 November 2011


The boat water tank experiment has concluded.  After 14 days of use there was still some water in the tank.  The bow was certainly higher by 4-5 inches.  It took 50 minutes to refill the tank using a standard diameter garden hose and with good water pressure.  We weren’t miserly with the use of water during the 14 days so I’m quite impressed.  We will need to ensure Waiouru has a similar holding capacity.

Did I mention these two fellows had popped up on the edge of the towpath beside our mooring.

I’m not sure if they are edible…. Somehow they don’t look like they should be eaten?  Perhaps I’ll ask Jan to try one!  We went for a walk through the woods in the afternoon and came upon another couple of varieties.

I’ve been enjoying the autumn walks through the woods and today Jan joined me for a stroll along yet another path leading to the Salmon Race.  I now realise the Salmon race and farm are in the same location!

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