Monday, 14 November 2011

Aldermaston Wharf Village

A crisp start to the day saw us off for a walk to warm up.  Kevin (nb Meand’er) had mentioned there was a local pub but that it was a little expensive.

About 200 yards down Basingstoke Road we came upon the pub.

The Butt Inn

The outside had some charm but we didn’t bother to go in.  It can wait for another day!  Then I noticed the sign on the verge.

It looks like the pub is a lease operation and perhaps it has been struggling.  Jan commented there were no signs down by the canal to attract passing boaters, which she thought was a mistake.

Across the road was the village green.  But no duck pond!  For some reason I expect every English village green to have a duck pond.  Too many episodes of Inspector Morse or Midsomer Murders! Smile

There has been some redevelopment over the past couple of decades and I noticed this new estate close to the pub.

What really caught my eye were the garages which looked somewhat like coach houses or stables

We returned to the canal just as the bridge was being raised.

The dehumidifier appears to be functioning very well.  This morning the bedding was dry and there was another 100mls of water in the dehumidifier tank.  I can see it rapidly rising on our list of essential purchases.

I’m now going to spend some time reworking my electrical energy audit spreadsheet so I can review our domestic battery bank requirement.  The idea is to reduce the size and; more importantly; cost of the domestic bank without compromising the effectiveness of the electrical system.  

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