Monday, 31 October 2011

The Pub was Shut!

After having experienced a delicious roast beef lunch at the Star Inn, Acton on a previous occasion we decided to do it again today.

The Star Inn at Acton on the Nantwich – Chester Road

The distance to the Star Inn is shorter from Nantwich but as we’re moored on the Llangollen at Swanley there wasn’t much choice other than to walk the 1½ miles.  However we knew the meal would be worth the exercise.

We left Kelly-Louise slightly later than I had intended arriving at the Star around 12:25pm.  Jan tried the door and it was locked.  This puzzled us as the sandwich board was out the front.  Not wanting to face walking back to Kelly-Louise on an empty stomach I peered through the window and could see the silhouette of someone moving around inside the main bar.  I decided to walk around the rear to the beer garden entrance where I found the rear door open.  Upon entering the bar I found all the chairs and stools upside down on the tables and the area in darkness.  Then someone appeared from the kitchen and I enquired if the pub was open.  He informed me “We open at 12!”  Damned daylight saving………Smile

We sat out in the beer garden soaking up the sun when I noticed the rear roof on the pub.

The slate tiles are a slightly different shape.  You can see it more clearly in the next photo.

There must have been an additional cost in having slates cut and the pattern laid.

Meantime Jan was chatting with the friendly member of staff who informed her he was the chef and what a great couple the proprietors are.

You could tell the Star is popular by the number of customers pouring through the door.  Lunch was delicious.  No room for dessert and a 1½ mile walk home to let it settle.

“How many times do I have to tell you I hate having my photo taken!”


Peter and Margaret said...

I did wonder if you knew about the clocks going back! The Star, like many UK pubs these days, was closed down and boarded up when we first took over KL, then a year later we noted new proprietors were to take over. It isn't easy running a pub in the current financial climate, so we try our best to support them whenever we can. They appear to be doing a great job.

nb piston broke said...

wish I had a slice of bread I could dip it in your gravy

Tom and Jan said...

You "saucy" devil!