Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Proud Owner

I’m now the proud owner of a guernsey style jumper (or gansey) which Jan has just finished knitting.  She chose the colour as I have no colour sense (according to her). 

The original guernsey design came from the Channel Islands and was developed as a garment for fishermen who required a warm, hard wearing, yet comfortable item of clothing that would resist the sea spray. A hard twist is given to the tightly packed wool fibres in the spinning process and the tightly knitted stitches, produced a finish that would "turn water" and is capable of repelling rain and spray.

My guernsey is made of softer wool and whilst it adheres to the original design it’s not tightly knitted and wouldn’t repel water.  But it’s warm… and that’s the main thing!

hot off the needles

My girl has gone back to knitting knee blankets and I might just need one of those. Smile 

Meanwhile it’s started to rain, which means boats are allowed to go faster when passing moored boats.  I wonder how much we’ll get bashed around on the mooring if it starts to snow!

This morning I walked into Nantwich and reported to the police station.  Spoke with my probation officer the lady on the reception desk and gave her the wallet Jan had found in the hedgerow beside the road.  We assumed it had been stolen and then discarded as it was empty apart from a bus pass and a usb thumbstick.  Hopefully the police will be able to find the owner from the details on the bus pass. 

I went on to purchase some urgently needed vegetables at Morrisons where I discovered they were running a week long promotion (chance to win £100 each day).  Jan tells me I’m walking back to town tomorrow to purchase her magazines essential supplies. Smile

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