Monday, 10 October 2011

Poor Communications Signal Today

Today was a bad day for a 3 Mobile communications signal.  I know we are in a blackspot so I have been setting the android phone in “tethering” mode and placing it in an empty ice cream container taped to a pole outside the boat.  This usually enables us to receive a signal.  However it didn’t work today.

My guess is we have a problem with atmospheric conditions as the phone doesn’t have either date or voice signals.

To get around the problem I reverted to the 3 Mobile dongle which is connected to the Zoom wireless router.  The dongle is also connected to the external high gain antenna on the pole.  This gives us a full strength data signal and if we needed to make a phone call we could use Skype.  The negative is we are using our 3GB data allowance whereas the android phone has unlimited data.

With a little luck the patchlead I purchased from Australia will arrive early next week and I’ll then be able to connect the android phone to the high gain external antenna.

Meanwhile Jan has been baking lemonade scones (flour, cream and lemonade).  They always turn out light, fluffy and delicious.

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