Saturday, 8 October 2011

Nosey Neighbours

I looked out the window of the boat this morning to see one of our nosey neighbours closely examining our external internet aerial.  I wasn’t particularly perturbed until she looked like she was going to chew on the cable. 

There are 10 of these local girls and they can sometimes encourage each other to misbehave. Fortunately they are moving to a new neighbourhood at the end of the month. 

This one is particularly cheeky!

On the opposite side of the canal, behind the hedgerow, is a large hole in the ground.  It was very noticeable due to the recent earthworks.

When I first saw it I though a new marina was under construction.  However one of the local farmers informs me it’s a fish farm and it froze over last winter killing all the stock.  As a result the owners have been deepening the pond to prevent another mass die-off this winter.  It doesn’t actually look large enough to be a commercial fish farm and I suspect may actually be a private pond for paying recreational fishers.


Bruce in Sanity said...


Re cows: don't let them lick the paintwork! One of our Braidbar owners found he'd got a bit of repair work to do after some cows licked the paint whilst on a Thames mooring. Those tongues are rough…

All the best


Peter and Margaret said...

Hi Tom, you are correct in you assumption about the "fish farm". It is a pond, in private ownership, which I think at sometime had some purpose linked to the canal, as there appears to be a culvert connecting the two. It is now used as a private members fishing club, was on the market last year, and was sold to new owners I believe.

Tom and Jan said...

It only took one quick lick to tear apart the plastic bag protecting the phone box.

Anonymous said...

I am the guy that was on the Anglo Welsh Boat and my name is Pat. Sorry I couldn't reply earlier. I had a very poor signal and it would not play. I am on my way back now and will go via the Montgomery hopefully !!


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Pat,

We know all about the poor signal hence our aerial up on the pole :-)

We won't be at the boat this Wednesday but if you are going to be back our way after that day then please either try to stop or let us know you itinerary and I'll walk towards you and assist with the locks.