Sunday, 2 October 2011

Local Walk

It was an ideal day for a walk.  Warm and sunny with a slight breeze!   I had no pre-planned route except I was going to head east.  In the end it was a circular route north of Nantwich and just over 18 km in length.

At Hurleston there is a flight of four locks going down the the junction.

To the left of the flight is the Hurleston Reservoir which is fed by the canal.  This looks like the spillway into the reservoir.

It’s actually difficult to see the reservoir from the canal so I walked to the top of the embankment.

One can’t but be amused by the irony that we discharge our shower and sink waste water from the boat into the canal and it eventually enters the reservoir where it gets pumped back through the pipes into our boat’s water tank for us to drink. Smile

In some instances the water doesn’t travel all that far.  This is the canal water point at the top of the flight.

The first big decision…. LEFT or RIGHT?

I went right and then cut inland away from the towpath following a marked track across meadows.  After two hours of walking country lanes I was starting to think I might have geographically embarrassed myself.

But my instinct for terrain hadn’t deserted me and I safely made my way back to KL after a pleasant 3½ hours.

After the walk a shower was a definite necessity.  Everything was going well until I bent down to reach the shampoo and my iron buns bumped the mixing valve turn the water to full hot.  You probably heard the scream…. yes around 4.00pm GMT!  They are now vivid red iron buns.  I need to practice my showering technique.

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