Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A “Jan Special”!

The dinner last night was a “Jan Special”.  This woman can make a fantastic meal out of nothing.  And as they say……. An army marches on its stomach!

The root vegetables were like me…. old and wrinkly!  Jan cut them into chunks and then placed them on a flat tray before sprinkling olive oil and lawn clippings rosemary on them.  She then roasted them in the oven.  Meanwhile the sausages baked in their own juice fat.

Two tired oranges had their rind removed and the juice squeezed from them.  From this Jan made a self saucing, upside down, orange pudding.  It tasted fantastic.  There was a small medium portion left over which she was going to throw out.  However I somehow found the room to squeeze it in.  Well I am going to walk another 5 miles tomorrow!

Even local the heifers enjoyed part of the meal when Jan tossed all the peel into the paddock.

I was then called to the back door to look at the view.  Who can complain when you have a view like this!

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