Tuesday, 18 October 2011

How will we check the Domestic Batteries

In a recent post Bruce on nb Sanity Again commented here on his difficulty in checking their lead acid batteries.  This is something that has been concerning me ever since I first purchased the large Rolls batteries for Waiouru’s domestic battery bank.  At the time I took a gamble there would be sufficient height in the engine compartment for them to fit.  I’ve now been able to measure the height if the area on Waiouru and they will fit.  However the clearance is so tight the Mk5 eyeball isn’t going to be able to peer down to check the level of the electrolyte.  Nor will I be able to fit a hydrometer into the cell.

Then I had an idea.  Sun  If I created a removable base to the locker above I’d be able to access the top of the batteries through the locker.  But then I remembered the locker above is actually the gas locker and it will have to be sealed. Crying face  I could relocate the batteries to the opposite side of the engine compartment.  Perhaps swap the proposed locations of the batteries and Hurricane heater.  But then I’d have a very heavy battery bank on the same side of the boat as the shower, toilet, etc.  It might affect the trim?

Another solution is to fit an automatic top-up system such as the one <here>.  However it’s not a cheap option.  I think a discussion with Andy regarding the feasibility of option 2 is warranted.

Meanwhile Jan has been working on her own solution to the problem of what to do with the last of the free apples.

As you can see I’ve completed some testing.  She usually adds cloves to the apple but this time it has cinnamon.  Went down well with the Cornish ice cream!


nb piston broke said...

I had the same problem with my bats I ended up useing one of Lynnes makeup mirrors and a small torch it did for a while until I had the mods done then again you can always use the mirror to apply your makeup

Tom and Jan said...

I hadn't realised you'd noticed my "lippy" :-)

Actually I was thinking one of those dentists mirrors might be the solution to looking in the battery cell.

Steve Jones said...

glad to see Mum looks after the important issues!

Tom and Jan said...

Like mother... like son!

Anonymous said...

If it helps we have had a battery top up system for over a year now, and we can top up our bank in 20 secs and do not have to be a expert in yoga to perform the task
Money well spent I reckon.
Dick nb peruvian skies

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Dick,
Which system did you install?