Friday, 21 October 2011

The Damned Freezer

Both Pip (nb Windsong) and Carol (nb Rock’n’Roll) left valid comments on my last post regarding the freezer.  I’d completely overlooked the length of the Engel assuming it was 2ft and would fit under the bed.  I found the tape measure this morning and measured it.

It’s 25½ inches long.  There then needs to be some clearance at the rear for ventilation.  I’m thinking holes should be drilled in the floor to allow cool air from the bilge to pass up through the motor and electrics.  However it’s too long to fit under the planned 2ft wide bed.  Either I make the bed wider and reduce the width of the corridor and rear steps by a couple of inches or perhaps I can removed the ply wall lining and grab some of the space in the wall cavity.  Another discussion with Andy!

Carol also asked where I planned to put the second half of the mattress.  I think it will have to go on top of the first half.  If anyone wants to sit on the bed when it’s not extended then we will have to move the extension to another temporary location inside Waiouru.

Meantime, I noticed in Paul’s latest post on The Manly Ferry he’s ditched the Wallabies and now supports the All Blacks.  He might have his team selection right, but his geography is somewhat confused.  The following map clearly explains the geography of NZ.

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