Monday, 24 October 2011

A Close Run Thing

Well the final game of the Rugby World Cup had me on the edge of my seat.  It was a damned close thing with only one point being the decider.  The French played very well and the Kiwi’s were……. OK.  Whilst it was a nail-biting finish the game wasn’t all that interesting.

Jan and I walked the 1½ miles to the Star Inn for a delicious roast beef lunch.  The vegetables were well presented, although we both avoided the brussel sprouts.  Interesting how you can dislike something after being forced to eat it during your childhood.  We both feel the same way about broad beans.  At least our children have something to thank us for! Smile

I phoned the marine insurance company today and renewed our cover for Waiouru.  It’s difficult to believe a year has passed since the construction of Waiouru commenced.  I scratched my head wondering why the premium had reduced and legal expenses coverage is now included at no extra cost.  One can only wish it had been included this time last year.

Meantime we have received in the mail a hard copy of the marine surveyors report.  It confirms our earlier advice that in her current condition Waiouru now has a value of £12-14,000.  Based on the photographic evidence Waiouru’s value was approximately £50,000 when we first saw her on arrival in the UK back in late May.  So much for Ben & Kelly Harp claiming they had spent £91,000 on her. 

No good crying over spilt milk…….. We must remain focussed on ensuring the dream happens!

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