Friday, 28 October 2011

Building Names

Most of the time we walk around looking in a vertical arc between the ground and twice our height.  Today I made a particular effort to look higher and the results were quite interesting when it came to the buildings around Nantwich.  In the gable of one large brick Georgian style building which now appears to be comprised of flats were the words “Cheshire Constabulary”.  It appeared to be a former police station and I assume was sold because the layout no longer suited a modern vehicle based police force.

Opposite it was was another more attractive but vacant brick building.

Above the main front window etched in marble was

Nothing changes!  Even back then the banks had all the money and attractive premises to operate from.

There was one very plain and boarded up brick building.  I thought it’s appearance was quite severe and then I saw the sign in the gable.

Well I’d heard of Methodists….. But Primitive Methodists was something new.  I’m now enlightened having read Wikipedia <here>

A.D.1840   That’s around the time the English settlers were arriving in New Zealand.

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