Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Brisk Start to the Day

We woke this morning feeling rather cold.  My thought was; it looks like the 3.5 Tog (a measure of thickness) duvet will shortly be packed away and replaced with our winter 13 Tog.  However Jan subsequently told me we had slept with the window open! Smile

Whilst the day started cold it was also clear and by 9.00am it had turned into a mild and sunny day.  I was attending to a few routine chores when Peter arrived to complete some maintenance tasks on Kelly-Louise.  Margaret is on holiday in India.  <you can read about it here> 

At my request, he agreed to take KL up through the lock and wind her so I can repair the blacking on the port side.  Having Peter at the helm gave me the opportunity to work the locks whilst Jan could play photographer.

It wasn’t hard to see Peter was enjoying himself.  When he wasn’t quietly singing, there was a big smile on his face.

We arrived at the lock just as another boat was exiting, which reduced the workload.  I was wearing my one-piece “Churchill” ensemble.  It was quite appropriate for the tasks around the boat, however I discovered probably not the best for working locks.

Once Peter had KL in the lock and I’d shut the gates I attempted to raise the upper paddle with the windlass.  After fitting the windlass to the mechanism I gave it a powerful swing.  The handle caught in the open neck of my overalls and then proceed to pop open all the press studs from my neck to the groin. Only some frantic finger-work on my behalf prevented my modestly from be outraged. [Note to myself].  The next pair of overalls must have a zip fastener instead of press studs!

We spent the remainder of the afternoon solving the world’s problems; including the current GFC!  But somehow I don’t think anyone in a position of responsibility will act upon our logical conclusions. Smile

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Peter and Margaret said...

They obviously don't make the press studs on overalls strong enough, or they all have a tendency to shrink when yo don't wear them for a time;-) as I had exactly the same problem with mine until I got Margaret to attach a good old fashioned button in the middle, around the elasticated waist. Problem solved.