Saturday, 22 October 2011


Jan has been surfing for some time looking some warm footwear for use inside the boat.   Last time we rented a car to visit Waiouru we also used it to do some food shopping at the big Sainsburys on the far side of Nantwich.  Whilst browsing Jan noticed Sainsbury’s had sheepskin lined boots she thought might be ideal as slippers.  Unfortunately they didn’t have a pair in her size.

Two days later I decided to walk from Kelly-Louise back to Sainsburys and see if they had now had a pair in Jan’s size.  Sainsburys had restocked and she was in luck with a pair in her size now available.  Moreover they were on special (20% discount) costing me £20.  As a result she now has warm feet.

The other footwear we have been considering purchasing is “gum boots”.  Fellow kiwis and aussies will immediately know what I mean.  English readers will know them as “Wellingtons”.  Why the difference in names?  Kiwi’s call them gumboots because back in the 19th century they were worn by gum diggers.  Today no self respecting kiwi farmer would be found without a pair.   My assumption is the term originated with the Duke of Wellington.  No matter what they are called we think we should have a pair each to use on Waiouru.  Actually we probably need them right now as the grass is getting longer and wet, plus the ground is getting more churned up by the cattle in the field beside the mooring.

So yesterday I splashed out and purchased a pair in the war surplus store at the Nantwich for £10.99.  They are made of PVC.  The genuine rubber version in the store cost £24.99!

I usually take an 8½ shoe so I asked to try a size 8 and 9.  To my surprise the 8 was too big and I eventually purchased a size 7.

They are quite tight around the calf.  However I’m going to leave them tight and see if it prevents my socks from working down into the toe of the boot.  Otherwise I’ll probably cut 4-5 inches off the top.

Isn’t my life exciting (LOL)Winking smile

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