Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bang in the Night

Over the past few weeks the following signs have appeared all around the area.

Two days ago I was walking past a meadow where I noticed a heavy vehicle delivering temporary load bearing plates and matting.  I immediately thought it was being laid to allow heavy vehicles access to the meadow.  The following day there was more activity.

The venue is going to be a “sea of mud”!

At 7:50pm last night Jan commented she thought the fireworks display might have been cancelled due to the bad weather.  I suggested we wait until 8:00pm and that’s when we heard the first explosion.

Earlier I had considered walking to a location where there were unobstructed views to the east.  But then decided only a fool; or someone very dedicated; would go out in the cold and rain with an expensive camera to take photographs of fireworks.  Instead, I stuck my head out the back hatch and took a couple of quick snaps.  Actually the quality of the photo’s surprised me.  I couldn’t see the trees with my own eye and the camera collected far more detail.  Actually it was 1½ miles to the fireworks display and the camera was still able to snap the aerial explosions.

I quickly ducked back into the warmth of the boat and all I could think of were those poor parents holding onto their children in the cold, wet, darkness standing up to their ankles in mud.  I’m so please those days are behind me!

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