Thursday, 6 October 2011

Alternative Shopping Centre

All this delicious home cooking is starting to shrink my belt.  Time for a walk!  Google Earth had shown me there was a Sainsburys on the far side of Nantwich along with some buildings in the satellite photo that looked suspiciously like a retail park.  So I slipped on my old New Balance “Trailblazer” All Terrain joggers and headed East.  These days the shoes have been worn so much there is no foam padding and little tread left on them but I’m loathed to throw the shoes out as it would mean I’d be forced to wear the new pair I purchased whilst in Plymouth. 

I don’t want to wear out the new pair.  They are such great shoes <sob> Smile

The route wasn’t all that difficult and the Sainsburys was far larger than I had expected.

I was also correct about the retail park. 

Jan would have been proud of me.  I kept my hands in my pockets and didn’t purchase anything!

When I returned to the boat Jan informed me an Anglo-Welsh hire boat had gone past during my absence and the steerer was a blog reader.  She didn’t get his name so hopefully we will see him on his way back down the Llangollen Canal and get the opportunity for a chat.

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