Saturday, 29 October 2011

Alternative Method for EasiYo Yoghurt

Jan makes EasiYo yogurt which gives a creamy topping to our breakfast cereals, evening desserts, etc

She has adopted an alternative method of extending the capacity of the standard EasiYo sachet by 400% (that is; you get four times as much yoghurt from the sachet).  This alternative method is also simpler than her previous method as it doesn’t involve retaining any of the previously made batches of yoghurt.


1.  Start making the yoghurt the normal way by adding the water to the container.

Open your sachet of EasiYo and add a quarter of the powder to the container

Jan uses a measuring spoon adding three spoonful's to the water

Now add one cup of milk powder.  Jan uses skim milk powder.

Mix together and top up with cold water.  Put the lid on and shake it to mix the ingredients.  Then continue the normal process.

This method is considerably simpler than her earlier process.  There is no significant reduction in flavour and it extends the sachet from one litre of yoghurt to three or four litres depending upon how much yoghurt powder you use.


Lisa said...

This looks like its worth a try, but I have never heard of Easyo, where do we get it please?
Lisa x

Tom and Jan said...


Try either:
Julian Greaves;
Lawsons; or
you can order online at

Derek and Dot said...

Hi tom and Jan
Copycat, thought I sent you that,or was it Bruce? works a treat.