Monday, 5 September 2011

Why do problems come in three’s?

Well it has been an interesting time with me learning more about Kelly-Louise (KL). 

After a constant diet of chocolate and lemon squash “Tecma” decided he was constipated and declined eat or drink.  Jan unsuccessfully placed him on a “fluids only” diet but all that happened was his bowl filled.  I realised if we continued with that strategy one of us would shortly have to empty his bowl – and I knew who it would be!

During his thorough induction to KL, Peter had already mentioned this might happen if the paper wasn’t well soaked prior to the flush.   I decided my strategy would be to leave “Tecma” for 30 minutes and allow him to settle down and overcome his indigestion.  Moreover, I didn’t want to force-feed him any additional fluids which would have to be manually removed from his bowl (by me!) if my strategy was unsuccessful.

After waiting 30 minutes I removed the lid from the cabinet behind “Tecma” and closed the two isolation valves. Then I prodded “Tecma” and he ate all the chocolate and a third of his diluted lemon squash.  He appeared to have recovered from his constipation!  Two further prods and he emptied his bowl like a well behaved boy! 

I then turned the valves back on and replaced the lid.

Jan then decided to have a shower.  Everything appeared to be going well until she appeared in the saloon (rather fetching and wet) with just a towel wrapped around her to inform me the shower tray was ankle deep in water. “The shower pump had stopped working!”  Indeed, she was correct.  I questioned her whether the pump had been working when she commenced her shower, which she confirmed.  The pump switch was turned on. Next I checked the fuse, which was also alright. My strategy has always been “When something goes wrong always look for the simple thing first!”  As I’d solved “Tecma’s” constipation earlier in the day and the shower pump switch was co-located with “Tecma” I decided to check the wiring there.

The shower pump switch is co-located with the water pump switch and toilet controls

Removing the lid to the compartment behind “Tecma” revealed one of the switches only had one wire connected.  This is obviously wrong.  A switch should have at least two wires.  Then I noticed the loose wire and reconnected it to the back of the shower pump switch. “Voila”….. The shower pump activated and emptied the shower tray.

The problem was, one of the wires to the shower pump is too short and can catch on the lid when it’s being replaced.  This then pulls the wire off the connector.  The solution is to lengthen the wire, which I will do.  In the meantime I’ve left the lid off.

Having just fixed the second problem Jan called out from the galley informing me there was no water coming from the taps to the sink.  Off I go to the galley and confirmed there was no water from either tap.  Then I realised I couldn’t hear the water pump.  “Duh!”  Back to the bathroom and YES……..  I’d turned off the water pump switch when reconnecting the loose wire to the shower pump. 

That’s why it always pays to “look for the simple problem first!”Smile

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Derek Bird said...

I always find mine likes to have some vinegar overnight to breakdown the solids that build up