Friday, 23 September 2011

To the Prees Branch

We had a lazy morning rising late (7:30) and having a casual breakfast before heading to the laundrette.  We’d only been there five minutes when another couple arrived with their laundry.  The cork float on the end of the keys gave them away as fellow boaters and when they spoke we immediately recognised them as Australians.  Not only were they also from Adelaide, South Australia but only two suburbs away from our home.  Small world!

Jan went back to Tesco for the meat where she purchased a large and expensive roast having misread the price.  In large bold print the sticker stated “Discounted” and “£3.19”.  In small print it stated “per pound”.  The roast was actually £9.  I don’t think either of us will fall for that one again!.  I then made a trip to the end of the Ellesmere Arm to watch a boat wind. 

This boat attempted the turn in the same direction as I did back in 2001 when I did a 20 point turn. Smile

However, unlike me he quickly realised his mistake and reversed the direction of the turn and successfully exited the Arm.

Back to Kelly-Louise and I headed down to the end where I did my best turn to date (two point and I didn’t touch the bank).  We then took KL to the BW Facilities where the water tank was filled and the rubbish disposed.  Feeling “cocky” after my ‘winding’ I then reversed off the facilities point (in a straight line) before turning the bow 130 degrees to port and heading back towards Hurleston Junction.

The country around Ellesmere is particularly attractive.

We decided to stop on the 48 hour mooring just beyond the Prees Branch junction.

The last few days of cruising has confirmed to us the need to have sound insulation in the engine compartment.  Kelly-Louise is quieter than all our previous hire boats and; unlike the hire boats; we can communicate without shouting.  However it’s almost impossible to hear other boaters or people on the towpath.


nb Chance said...

Hi Tom. Have a hospital silencer fitted to the new boat, it makes such a difference. Especially if you are charging your batteries when moored you can hardly hear the engine running. Enjoy your time on KL.

Tom and Jan said...

Of course..... How silly of me to forget that option!