Thursday, 29 September 2011


First a photo for my favourite mother-in-law.  These were going very cheap in a Nantwich shop and I was unable to resist the temptation.  Bet you have difficulty buys them in this quantity back in Australia!

A while ago we were moored on the towpath basking in the late afternoon sun.  It was time for a fruit juice.

A tasty little merlot from Chile.  Looked at the wines from Oz but the exchange rate makes them rather uncompetitive.  Jan didn’t want her photo taken.

And this smelly fat old tramp just sat down and started to eat the cheese and snacks whilst partaking of the fruit juice.

Why is it some boaters think when the bow of their boat has passed the stern of your moored boat they can increase their speed?  There is also a wash from the stern!   And it’s not just hire boats that go past at speed.  All of this has made me aware of the need to carry some medium size plastic fenders on Waiouru.  I also have an idea for a more substantial towpath anchor point to reduce the possibility of the pins being ripped from the ground. 


Peter and Margaret said...

It's all right for some! You are on very dangerous ground with the comment on your penultimate photograph! Nantwich and the Shroppie I presume. The current weather is unbelievable.

Paul said...

I use go kart tyres, you can buy pre made up ones to fit easily or you can make neat little holders for them, they do a sterling job and are easy to hide (usually under the bow deck seating for us).