Saturday, 1 October 2011


Well following the advice from Craig at Telco Antennas in Queensland, Australia I have placed an order for the ‘patchlead’ that will connect our Samsung Galaxy mobile to the external aerial.  I’m optimistic it will work out and I will no longer have to leave the mobile outdoors on the pole to get a signal.

Today we were able to make two Skype calls back to Australia and speak with some of our family.  We had read on Facebook our eldest son’s dachshund had to be put to sleep after he became paralysed in the back for the second time.  They paid for an expensive back operation after the first occurrence and whilst “Fritz” didn’t fully recover he was mobile and active.

Jan is very upset as she recalls the loss of one of her own dachshunds with the same condition.  Apparently it’s a generic problem which is particularly prevalent in Dachshunds due to their long backs.  I did read they are now attempting to minimise the problem with selective breeding.

Good luck in your next life Fritz.  Hope you catch some of those cats……. and stay away from the snakes!

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